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      Paul KOLBE GmbH meets BladeStop™ eine Bandsäge mit höchsten Sicherheitsstandards

      Quality made in Germany


    For over 65 years, we have ensured that you perform well. Or mix. Depending on. In order to keep it that way in the future, we continue to work passionately on optimizing our products – even if others already say “what should we do even better there?”. Typical Kolbe. Because our history at Kolbe Foodtec is characterized by constant innovation and change. And we still plan to write history. What has happened so far, see below in our chronological chronology. Have fun with our little time travel …


    Foundation of the company Kolbe & Landgraf, in Thalfingen, near Ulm, for the production of machine parts for all East German meat grinder brands.


    Transformation of the company into Paul KOLBE KG with the construction of the new office building in Thalfingen.


    Good ideas need more space: Therefore, the new construction of a production building follows.


    We take over the spare parts service for butcher machines of a renowned South German company.


    In 1963, Bernhard Knorr – as nephew of Paul Kolbes – takes over Paul KOLBE KG.


    The first KOLBE machine program including the production of cutters is being developed.


    Again, the space is not enough: We decide to build another production building.


    Chassis Revolution: Production of the first meat grinders with stainless steel chassis.


    PAUL KOLBE KG starts a cooperation with Rohwer, Neumünster for joint machine production of meat grinders, cutters and filling machines.


    Even then, world premieres come from Thalfingen: production start of the world’s first band saw with stainless steel chassis.


    Supply of industry companies with band saws, meat grinders and cutters for marketing under their label.


    You guessed it: in 1980, the space is missing and we build another production building.


    Everything has an end – the sausage still has two despite the setting of the cutter production.


    Admission of Karsten Hackemesser as managing partner and Thomas Hagmeier as sales manager and authorized representative, cessation of OEM production. The KG will be converted to Paul KOLBE GmbH.


    Revolutionary: Market launch of the minced meat Wolfs SW100 series. For the first time in the industry with wolf housing made of precision cast stainless steel.


    The location change: Construction and move into the new company building in Elchingen, consisting of administrative, production and storage area – the current company location.


    Bernhard Knorr leaves the company. Thomas Hagmeier becomes managing partner and continues to successfully expand the worldwide distribution of the KOLBE products.


    Presentation of the new band saws according to CE standards on IFFA and conversion of all other machines to CE.


    This is followed by the market launch of the modified MWE series with the portioning device PF110.


    Start of production of the new mixer wolf series MWE52.


    Time for new things: Presentation of the new minced meat portioning line at IFFA.


    2007 innovative: At the IFFA, the new AW to AWM series, angular worms and MultiGrind industrial worms with cutting set size 130-200 are presented.


    Further development of the KOLBE store wolfs (LW82 / 22) and presentation of the new compact table wolf (TWK32 / 98).


    Introduction of the smallest mixing winder MWK32 / 114 to date and face-lift of the band saw model K220-K440H.


    It’s time for an upgrade: development and partial introduction of the new generation band saws.


    Kolbe introduces the newly designed mixing worms of the 120 liter series. In order to remain flexible in the future, the machine designations of automatic machine angle grinders and mixing grinders in combination with a set of cutting edges and funnel size will change this year. The presentation of the new band saw K380RS and thus extension of the RS line on 3 band saws in different sizes and the band saw K430RT with fixed roller table for partial dissection causes a stir.


    Presentation of the new mixing worms MW160 – 330 and MW56 – 330 with a hopper volume of 330 l – the largest model of the MW series.


    Introduction of Kolbe’s own separation system KDS (Kolbe Dynamic Separating-System). Presentation at the ANUGA Foodtec in Cologne. From now on, Kolbe can make good meat even better.